Concert Life in 19th-Century London
Database and Research Project

Pilot Demonstration

In 2001 we were invited to produce a dataset to celebrate the centenary of the Wigmore Hall, London, by capturing data from a typical concert season in its first decade, and exploring the possibilities for electronic interrogation. We chose the 1906-07 season and treated it as a pilot for developing the database’s search mechanisms.

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This resource can be cited as follows:

Dataset: Wigmore Hall 1906-07, Concert Life in Nineteenth-Century London Database Project, unpublished database, <date accessed>.

An account of the structure of the database is in:

Christina Bashford, Rachel Cowgill and Simon McVeigh, 'The Concert Life in Nineteenth-Century London Database', Nineteenth-Century British Music Studies, 2, ed. by J. Dibble and B. Zon (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2000), 1-12.

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